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What's all the fuss about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn?

Are you curious about:

•  blogging and how it can help your business?

•  LinkedIn, delicio.us, Twitter and Facebook?

•  whether any of these have practical uses for small businesses?

I can help you with all of this, and much more. (click here)

blogging, social networks, small business, san antonioWordpress. YouTube. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter.

It seems as if every other day brings news of an Internet application that "everyone" is talking about and using.

It's all amazingly powerful, and most of it is free to use as well. Tens of millions of people use them each day.

What do they know that you don't?

How can you learn about these developments without devoting vast amounts of time just to stay current with the technology? How can you separate today's fads from tomorrow's "must know" business tools?

blogging help, social networking help, small business, san antonio

Easy-to-understand introductions
to the most popular social media applications.

Why should you care about LinkedIn? And just what is a blog, anyhow?

Using plain, everyday language, I'll explain what these applications are - and which are the ones that you really do need to become familiar with.

Whether it's creating a blog or using LinkedIn to grow your business - you'll soon be doing it for yourself if you let me show you how.

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Peter Risman

With 20+ years experience in technology, direct marketing, and the Internet, Peter brings a patient and practical approach to helping others solve their computer issues.

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