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computer help, software help, san antonio

Can your business afford a website that doesn't grow your business?

•  Is your website providing enough leads?

•  How easily can your website be found?

•  How does your website compare to competitors'?

•  Do you know how to grow your business with the Internet or eMail?

I can help you with all of this, and much more. (click here)

computer installation, computer connectIs your business website worthless when it comes to growing your growing your business?

Most business websites are. And that should come as no surprise, come to think of it.

Who built your website? Were they marketers? Probably not. Chances are, your website was built by a techie who understood HTML, but not marketing. Or worse yet, maybe your website was built by someone who didn't understand marketing or web development, but they were cheap.

Have you been told that you will now have to spend thousands of dollars in order for your website to be prominently listed in Google?

That cheap website doesn't seem like such a bargain now, does it?

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Affordable and practical help to promote your business using the Internet and digital marketing.

In this economy, can you really afford to waste money on marketing that doesn't work?

You're probably wasting hundreds of dollars a month advertising in a telephone directory that no one uses anymore. Just about everyone uses Google or Yahoo! to find local businesses, yet you haven't made any investment in your website since it was created.

Doesn't make much sense, when you stop think about it.

I can take your worthless website and turn it into a lead generating machine that will cost you nothing to operate - and let you invest your phone book advertising budget in better opportunities.

It doesn't stop with websites. EMail marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising, even Social Media - I can show you how all of these can be used to grow your business for a fraction of what you're currently spending on other types of advertising.

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Peter Risman

With 20+ years experience in technology, direct marketing, and the Internet, Peter brings a patient and practical approach to helping others solve their computer issues.

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