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computer help, software help, san antonio

How are you ever going to find time to learn your computer's software?

Do you need to:

•  install new software?

•  learn how to use the software you already own?

•  remove viruses and spyware that slow your computer down?

I can help you with all of this, and much more. (click here)

computer installation, computer connectYou've got a computer full of software programs, but you know that you're not taking full advantage of them.

Word-processing, spreadsheets, eMail, presentations, web browsing... You can do the basics, but you know that there's more to it than that.

Maybe you've even noticed your computer acting oddly - and taking forever to do tasks that didn't used to take nearly this long.

You could pay through the nose to have the geeks make a house call.

Or buckle down and try to learn it all yourself: but who has time to read the software manuals or "Dummies" books?

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Affordable computer tutoring that's customized for your specific needs and interests.

Using plain, everyday language, I'll sit next to you and show you how to use the computer and software you already own to their best advantage.

software tutor, small business, san antonioWithout resorting to cryptic and intimidating "techno-speak".

Whether it's organizing your files or using macros and MailMerge - you'll soon be doing it for yourself if you let me show you how.

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Peter Risman

With 20+ years experience in technology, direct marketing, and the Internet, Peter brings a patient and practical approach to helping others solve their computer issues.

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